Dr. Heinz Peter Erdle

Sehr geehrter Herr Fatih Öztarakci   hiermit möchte ich mich bei Ihnen sehr herzlich für die ausgezeichnete Organisation meines Geburtagstörns vom 9. bis 16.Mai  2012 bedanken.   Seit über 10 Jahren Hobbysegeln  segeln wir an der türkischen Riviera. Zum ersten Mal  haben wir ein Gulet samt Crew gechartert und wollten uns einmal  richtig verwöhnen  lassen. Zu Beginn des Törns wurde meiner Frau bereits bei der Abholung mit einem Kleinbus ein Blumenbuquet am Flughafen Bodrum überreicht und an Bord wurden alle 15 Gäste mit einem Glas Sekt empfangen. Die 7 tägige Tour im Gökova Körfezi führte uns teils unter Segel, teils mit Maschine in traumhafte Buchten, in denen wir auch über Nacht ankerten. Mit Schwimmen, Surfen, Canoeing  gelang es uns wenigstens teilweise die Kalorien des Deluxe Half Board Menue abzuarbeiten. Das Essen war an Geschmack,  Qualität, Abwechslung und Reichhaltigkeit nicht zu überbieten. Ebenso wie der Service der 4 köpfigen Crew, welcher uns jederzeit unaufdringlich, hilfsbereit  und sehr freundlich dargeboten wurde. Auf die speziellen Bedürfnisse der einzelnen Gäste wurde stets eingegangen und sogar eine selbstgebackene Geburtstagstorte  präsentiert.  Die Kajüten, Sanitär- und Allgemeinräume waren sehr sauber und wurden täglich gereinigt.  Die Tisch- und Bettwäsche sowie die Handtücher wurden selbst während des einwöchigen Törns gewechselt.   Die Begeisterung für diesen Trip und das schöne Gefühl der absoluten Entspannung in diesem Urlaub hält bei allen Reiseteilnehmern auch Wochen nach der Rückkehr noch an. Im Namen aller meiner Gäste möchte ich Ihnen Herr Fatih Öztarakci für die perfekte Organisation dieser Reise meine Hochachtung aussprechen und kann die Firma „Guletbookers“ nur weiterempfehlen.  Dr. Heinz Peter Erdle

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Dr. J.Serafin

Dear Fatih,
First of all I would like to thank you for the overall organization. Everything went very well.
My group and me enjoyed a wonderful week on the Gulet Sagapo. The boat were in perfect shape, the quality of the cabins were on a very high standard. 
The crew and the captain did all their best to make it a very wonderful week. The crew were very nice and service oriented and we had a lot of fun all together. The food and the cook have been great! The kids liked water skiing and Ringo very much.
Once again a wonderful time and may be not the last trip on Gulet Sagapo
Best Regards

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Emma Kirwan

Dear Fatih,
I would like to say a big thank you for helping organise such a fantastic trip for my friends and me. We had the trip of a lifetime and part of that is due to the amazing gulet that you chose for us – we could not have asked for a more beautiful, luxury gulet, with a first class crew. We thank you for your recommendation and also for all your assistance during the booking process – you were always quick to respond to any queries we had and gave us a number of options to choose from, but I really do believe that Enderim A was the perfect recommendation. We also loved all the little touches you provided as part of the booking – the welcome flowers, the welcome phone call to make sure we had arrived safely, and also a follow up phone call at the end of the trip to find out if we enjoyed our trip.  We will definitely be recommending Guletbookers to friends.

We had the best trip and hope to return again soon.Thank you,


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Feedback from Agent

Please forgive me for taking so long to write to you. I feel awful because I’m sure you were hoping to hear from me earlier, apologies.
Well, it was a fantastic success! Everything went like clockwork, the agent who et us and briefed us back on the boat was good. The boat surpassed our wildest dreams, it is really lovely, and the crew were brilliant, there wasn’t much communication as their English ranged from basic to none but one called Jay spoke English and that was a great help. The Captain was very good, he spoke enough English to tell us where we were going. He fulfilled our brief of getting away from the crowds into secluded bays and he found us some lovely places to moor. He also went above and beyond by sending the youngest crew member Alpi out in the motor boat to find 2 of our teenagers who had stayed out all night in Kalkan  and got them back to the boat before we sailed at 6am!!
We had 5 crew altogether, I was expecting three, so’we were very spoiled, bliss.The chef produced 3 wonderful meals a day and we all enjoyed Turkish cooking, it is so fresh and healthy and although we ate masses we didn’t get too fat. At night they always BBQ’d over the edge of the boat.
I loved the way the boat was laid out with so many different area to swim and sunbathe or just lie in the shade and read.The night of the birthday celebration the crew really did us proud and made the table look really festive and served us with great style.
Jay and the Captain went out of their way to please us and they found lovely places for us to go and the whole crew were extremely kind and helpful, especially with little Eliza who can’t walk.The railings round the boat made it feel very safe so the was no need to wear life jackets  at all, just as well in that heat.
No complaints, it was all wonderful, the heat, the silence, the clear blue water the views,I miss it!
So finally, a big thank you to you, Reia, for arranging every thing so well for us and being so kind, patient and efficient.
Best wishes from us all,

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Gerardo Alarcón Ezeta

The Aegean Clipper was as expected a very comfortable Sailboat. We manage to spend an excellent time. Service was good, Captain tried to do his best in serving us. Bartender / Captain Daughter´s Dilek was ok.  The Chef was Excellent, he was always smiling and willing to full fill our demands and needs, food was very good but we got tired of Turkish spices. breakfast was always superb, they should ask the guest what are they planning to serve for lunch and dinner. it was the Captain decision.  Captain Assistant was also friendly and English spoken so we manage to get alone with him. The Yacht is very nice, spaceful and clean, Itinerary / Cruising area was beautiful but we all believe we lost 2 days at the beginning doing nothing. Sea was very calm and I can image it is not always like that it was amazing. We got to sail for a couple of hours which was an excellent experience. Transfer arrangement where always on time, and Fatih made everything look perfect.

Yacht  10-10
Transfer 10-10
Fatih 10-10
Crew 8-10 (Chef and Captain Assistant 10-10)
Food 8-10
Cruising Area 8-10 (Oludeniz, was awesome, Symi Fantastic, Datca ok, Daylan and Tomb Rocks excellent.

Thanks for helping us with this excellent experience.

Gerardo Alarcón Ezeta
Gulet Aegean Clipper 21.05.2011

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Iouri Bassarguine

Dear Fatih,  Many thanks for the excellent organization of our stay in Turkey. We liked very much our trip – the weather was pleasant, the crew was very friendly and the food was excellent (very good cook).   We’ll be interested  to come back next year.

Best wishes,

Iouri  Bassarguine Gulet Albatros F 23.07.2011

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Merhaba Fatih – Once again, we had a wonderful trip this year and were very happy with the crew.  Ali is doing a great job as captain, especially with some bad weather.Selamlar, Judy T.

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Jamal Jaroudi

Dear Mr. Fatih,

I did not have the chance to thank you for all your coordination and follow up and for your understanding of the minor differences we had purely due to lack of communication.

We look forward to join and enjoy one of your cruises and wish you a pleasant summer.
Many thanks

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Joslyn Alderson

Unbelievable! It was amazing. The captain was perfect. The crew. The hostess. We absolutely loved it. Thank you so much. Joslyn Alderson Booked Gulet Holiday X – August 2013

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Judy Turdoff

Merhaba Fatih,
I must thank you for arranging our rental of the Prenses Lila.  I appreciated your persistence, and your determination to make it work for us.  I was skeptical at first, but you have won me over.

You asked for our opinions about the Prenses Lila.  Everyone in the group loved the boat.  We found it beautiful and comfortable.  We had only two comments about things we thought should be in the cabins:  1) a sheet and blanket in each cabin; and 2) tack strips in the shower might protect people from slipping.  Otherwise, there were absolutely no complaints.  The boat is beautifully maintained (especially at the end of the season).
We were very happy with Ahmet Kaptan.  He is a very skilled and careful captain, and an excellent sailor.  He was responsive and easy to get along with.  I liked him very much and would be happy to have him as our captain again.
Ali Asçı was also excellent.  The food was always superb; the entire group loved his food (including the vegetarians).  Our only complaint is that we could not watch him or interact with him while he was cooking but of course that is because of the design of the boat.  He’s probably happy about that!
Ali Gemici was a good choice to be the primary person to interact with the group.  His English is good and his personality made him a good person for the job.  We will miss him, but wish him the very best when he becomes a captain.  I’m sure he will do well.
Akın was a fine young man who did his job well.  He, too, was responsive to requests from the group, and easy to get along with.  Also a very good dancer.  :-)
You can see that we were all very happy with our week on the Prenses Lila.  We really appreciated Ahmet’s willingness to follow our route and schedule.  We also respected his experience and advice.  I hope the crew knows that we were happy to get to know them a little; the group will not forget their kindnesses, and we wish them all good things in the future.  I myself look forward to seeing them again.
My very best wishes,
Judy Tordoff

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